W11 Ventures Founder and Managing Partner, Dr. Nikolaos Mastroyiannopoulos appointed on the Board of Directors of Green Energy Group

Mr. George Georgiou, Chairman and CEO of Green Energy Groups welcomes Dr. Nikolas P. Mastroyiannopoulos

Green Energy Group welcomes Dr. Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos on the Board of Directors. The former Chief Scientist of the Republic of Cyprus, with many years of experience in the field of research, innovation, and technological development, envisions a country that combines the above with sustainability and the cultivation of a culture respectful to the environment.

In his statements, he mentioned that he consciously joined the Green Energy Group family and in cooperation with the other members of the Board, he is sure that a new green era is unfolding!

About W11 Ventures

W11 is a unique boutique growth and innovation advisory firm, scaling startups and innovative companies, and a strategic connector of corporates with the innovation ecosystem, creating partnerships for the long run, with a proactive role geared to genuine value creation and growth. W11 offers end-to-end strategic and advisory functions, guidance and support to startups and innovative companies in the seed, startup, and scaling phase, looking for business development, capital raising, external growth or exit opportunities.

About Green Energy Group

Boasting many years of experience in Renewable Energy Sources, Green Energy Group offers integrated energy-saving solutions in Cyprus. Registered and approved by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) as an Electricity Supply Company since 2019 while having also participated in the Transitional Period of the Competitive Electricity Market since October 2022.